Victim's Assistance Program

Victim Services Coordinator and Crisis Assistance Program (CAP) is a service provided by the Temple Police Department to assist crime victims. 


This element of the department focuses on providing a proactive crime prevention approach through increased responsiveness and education by coordinating critical crisis intervention services on a 24-hours a day basis.  These efforts help to alleviate the psychological and emotional trauma incurred as the result of a crime or serious accident. 


The CAP volunteers are specially trained to provide crisis intervention, death notifications, victim education and assistance with Crime Victims' Compensation, safety planning, risk assessments, advocacy and referral services.


It is the mission of the City of Temple Police Department Crisis Assistance Program (CAP) through crisis intervention, as near as to time of the event as possible, to provide information regarding rights, financial and emotional crisis intervention and to ensure that those who are experiencing a crisis are treated with fairness, dignity, and compassion.

If you are interested in becoming a CAP volunteer, please download the application (PDF)and return as soon as possible. Each applicant must go through a background check. The first Crisis Assistance Volunteer Training class will begin June 2015. 

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For further information regarding services or to volunteer at the Crisis Assistance Program, please contact Jo-Ell Guzman, Crime Victims Coordinator/Liaison at 254-298-5678 or via email.