Temple Trail System

Email your trail pictures today and you may be featured in the Play by Play and on our website. Please be sure to identify the trail and the people in the picture.

Local Trails
Conner Park Trail 408 Old Waco Rd   .33 Mile
Echo Village Park Trail 5030 Stonehaven Dr   .25 Mile
FM 2305 Hike & Bike Trail W. Hwy 2305  2.50 Miles 
Friars Creek Hike & Bike Trail #1 5000 S. 5th St  1.50 Miles 
Friars Creek Hike & Bike Trail #2  2264 S. 5th St  .70 Mile
Jackson Park Trail 925 N. 4th St   .40 Mile
Jones Park Trail 1102 W. Ave. H  .30 Mile
Lions Park Trail 4320 Lions Park Rd 2.40 Miles 
Miller Park Trail 1919 N. 1st St  .75 Miles
Pepper Creek Hike & Bike Trail W. HWY 2305 1.40 Miles
Silverstone Park Trail 404 Waters Dairy Rd  .25 Mile
South Temple Park Trail 5000 S. 5th St   .50 Miles 
Terrace Gardens Park Trail 2015 Linwood Rd   .20 Mile
West Temple Park Trail 121 S. Montpark Rd  .80 Miles
Wilson Park Trail 2205 Curtis B. Elliott  1.70 Miles 
Woodbridge Park Trail 3620 Whispering Oaks   .40 Mile